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  • Markus Scholz


  • Andreas Heumann

    Why has PP gone down the drain? 

    POM, POD, POW. Poooooxxx has all gone wild resulting with many good people leaving the site.

    The interface has changed so drastically that we don't even see who has won an award in what. The uploads and quality is getting poorer and poorer.

    I receive messages on FB and Flickr from ex PP members who would not comment on PP anymore because they don't even open the page,

    A few names: Lida, Swanson, Kellerman and hundreds of others, all gone, can't be bothered anymore. PP is not FB and it definitely NOT a site that has much to do about photography.

    I recommend a close down.

  • oscar meszar


    Thank you for your wonderful insightful comment.

  • Andreas Heumann

    Please don't see this as a personal attack Oscar but if you look what is there, what do you think?

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