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  • wilhelmina van schuppen

    Thank you Oscar for your enormous work on our PP

    Merry Christmas to you and have a wonderful time with your family.

    a warm greeting from Holland......wilhelmina

  • Andreas Heumann

    Thank you Oscar, I think this is a lot better and nobody complained or perhaps not noticed the change :)

    Has the POM gone now? I see the PCOM works but I don't get involved there. The NUDE section again has a landscape chosen!

  • oscar meszar

    Hi Andreas,

    Of course recreating a galley environment on a screen would be impossible.

    I have made the it so that when someone submits a photo, he/she has to see two different areas that refers to the background color (the selector and the preview) before he/she actually saves the photo. If people are still submitting photos with a black background, I can only conclude they want to do that.

    I selected black as the default background for no particular reason besides the fact that while looking around the web for what photographers do with their personal sites, I see that a good number of them have black or dark backgrounds on their sites. Some of those sites that I visited belong to members of PP.

    Anyway, as I said, it was an arbitrary choice to select black as the default background. I changed the default to the lightest grey now. So old photos and new photos for which the photographer doesn't change the background, will be displayed in light grey.

  • oscar meszar

    You are welcome.

    And Merry Christmas to you too Wilhelmina

  • Andreas Heumann

    I just noticed that all pictures prior to the new site are shown with a Black BG by default.

    I think this should be changed for a light grey BG. You never see a Gallery with black walls.

    Especially pictures with dark or black content towards the outer edges/frame are undifined and you can't tell where the picture ends.

    I also see many new uploads wherby people use the black BG which is very rarly flattering.


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