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  • Andreas Heumann

    You did a lot to the site and it will take users some time to recognise all the new features,

    I like the way some good pictures from the past come forward as a reminder to waht is good and entertaining.

    Like a guide line perhaps.


    A lot to do still but what a change, bravo


  • Markus Scholz

    Thanks again, Oscar for your great work and the fast transition. I already added two feature requests but they don't show up. Is this the right place for reporting bugs as well?

    best regards and keep going

  • Markus Scholz

    It's working now!

  • Andreas Heumann

    There was a feature in the old PP that made me see my original file name from a picture  I uploaded.

    This was very usefull finding my own file in my rather unorganized database :)

    Any chance for this to come back? 

    Also, what is the "private" box? If clicked, what does it do?





  • oscar meszar

    I can see if I can get that feature back.

    The Private basically will not show the picture to anyone. You would want to use that mainly if you are uploading from a mobile device and don't want to make it public until you get to a computer.

    Another feature that is missing that is coming is to display the picture in large format while you are editing its metadata. That would make the Private more useful. You upload from a mobile device but you want to see the larger image before you release it to the public.

  • oscar meszar

    Andreas, you can now see your original file name.

    You can also see the image in larger view when editing its metadata.

    Make sure that you refresh your browser (in Windows doing Ctrl-R will do it.) You know you have the latest code by going to the Help | About and under version number you will see v4.0.0.10.

  • Andreas Heumann

    Thank you for bringing this back.

    The top Bar has "newest photos submit photos photos and account"

    Clicking "photos" also shows "newest photos" I think that could go because it is a repat from the main menu "Newest photos" 

    The higher res file size feature is great but I would still like the "save as" feature to be obsolete because a screen capture is not that good

  • oscar meszar

    You are right the newest photo can go from the photos menu. I'll take it out.

    Removing the right-click menu is only an annoyance for the user. The image is already on the user's computer since it was downloaded in order to display it. If someone wants the image they can get it.

  • Andreas Heumann

    Got it.

    I also noticed that all pictures from the past feature with a black BG, if it is difficult to revert to the original choice from the photographer WHITE would be better as an alternative.

    The present upload feature has BLACK as a defauld and the "private" box already ticked. I think both boxes should be left open so the photographer can make a choice/

    I saw many recent uploads where the photograher was not aware that a black BG was chosen.

    I like the feature you have "all comments stripped" so only the picture can be seen. I would also like to see the BG colour bar to go at the same time in order to see the work as it is.

    Just think sitting in a Gallery and you have a grey value chart under every image :)

  • oscar meszar

    Andreas, all good feedback. However, in all these there was a deliberate process in place to do what I did.

    There are two background colors that were on the old site: Black and White. Some people might like the photos to have a background white some black. Most of the photos on the old site were not white. Therefore, I defaulted it for the black.

    When submitting a photo the private is selected because that prevents you from posting a photo that you don't mean to. A very specific instance when I can see you not wanting the photo to appear right away if you are uploading from a mobile device. You might want to get to the site on your computer to view the larger image to see what it looks like before releasing it. So my approach was to err on the side of caution.

    There also has to be a default background color. I selected black as the default for the same reason as above. And do notice that the color selection and the "mini display" is before the save button therefore forcing the eye to see the "mini display" before hitting the save button.

    On viewing the image without all the other page noise, the reason I left the background chooser is so that you can select a new background with only one click and not having to do 3 clicks to get back to viewing the image without the page noise with a different background.


  • Markus Scholz

    It would be nice, to have the preview function already during the upload process to check the background color.

    Regards, Markus

  • oscar meszar

    Yeah, yeah Markus I know ;)

    I will add that.

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